Gasa Oil



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Massage Oil For Men. 1 bottle of 20 ml (can be used for about 1 month)


️ CURRENT BLOOD CIRCULATION "Penis" (so add volume) if massaged regularly every day (after bathing) for at least 1-2 days.

️ create HUGE BUCKLE veins in "Penis" in MINUTES!

️ enjoy ERROTIC AROMA (increases partner's passion when smelling the aroma)

️ SAFE if swallowed (without using) & if used without a condom it will make the muscles of the wife's intimate organs faster during intercourse.

after use it is not necessary, not hot, not numb, contains an erotic aroma that can increase the arousal of the opposite sex & is safe if swallowed.

How to use for intimate relations

Use anytime before intercourse, shake before use, Spray 3 times into the "Penis" evenly massage for 3-5 minutes so that it absorbs & the veins start to look firm. Muscles that look sturdy + Erotic scent will make your partner more passionate & feel great pleasure during intercourse

How To Use For Enlargement "Penis"
Do it every day for 1-2 months, during bathing, shake before use, spray 3x into the "Penis" massage evenly for 3-5 minutes to absorb, the more absorbed the benefits will be more visible. If the routine without breaking in 1-2 months will be seen changes in volume that is getting bigger when the penis is tensed.

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